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AIKIDO modern Japanese martial art

BAB governing body of the aikido martial art in the UK

4th February 2016 - Gradings  
Congratulations to Rostand and Michael on passing their 3rd kyu (green belt) grading and to Nick for passing his 4th kyu (orange belt) grading.
30th July 2015 - Grading  
Congratulations to Tony on passing his 5th kyu grading.
2nd July 2015 - Grading  
Congratulations to Helen on passing her 5th kyu grading.
23rd April 2015 - Grading  
Congratulations to Adam on passing his 4th kyu grading.
19th March 2015 - Grading  
Congratulations to Bob on passing his 5th kyu grading.
January 2015 - This Girl Can  

The Kai Shin Kai (our parent organisation) are official supporters of the This Girl Can campaign a national campaign developed by Sport England and a wide range of partnership organisations. It's a celebration of active women up and down the country who are doing their thing no matter how well they do it, how they look or even how red their face gets.

For more information visit www.thisgirlcan.co.uk or search #thisgirlcan

16th October 2014 - Grading  
Congratulations to Nick on passing his 5th kyu grading.
13th July 2014 - Demonstration  

Thank you to all that helped out with the aikido demonstration at the Naunton village fete. I have had quite a few favourable comments from local residents.

3rd July 2014 - Gradings  

Congratulations to Louise, Rostand, Rob, Pablo & Michael on passing their 4th kyu (orange belt) grading.

27th April 2014 - Grading  

Congratulations to David on passing his 1st kyu (brown belt) grading at this year's KSK national gradings.

David Jones

5th December 2013 - Gradings  
Congratulations to Rostand and Adam on passing their 5th kyu grading.
16th April 2013 - Gradings  
Congratulations to Louise, Elisabetta, Paul(Pablo) and Rob on passing their 5th kyu grading.
17th April 2011  

Congratulations to the following on their achievements at this year's national KSK gradings :

Carlos Carvalho and Richard HitchmanRichard (& Carlos from Bicester) on passing their shodan
(1st dan black belt)


Graham CosseyGraham on passing his nidan (2nd dan black belt).


14th February 2009  

Congratulations to Graham on achieving his 1st dan (shodan).

Graham's shodan presentation
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20th April 2008  

Sensei 'Bill' Harris - Kai Shin Kai chairman and chief examiner - awarded 7th dan (shichidan)

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Presented by Vincent Sumpter (godan), BAB chairman & Fred Mills (godan)


North Cotswolds Aikido Club
are official supporters of the
This Girl Can campaign.

This Girl Can`


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This Girl Can is a national campaign designed to encourage more women and girls to get active. The campaign is funded by Sport England and the National Lottery. National Lottery Sport England Funded

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North Cotswolds Aikido club welcomes students interested in this modern martial art from Naunton, Guiting Power, Andoversford, Stow on the Wold, Cheltenham and the surrounding areas.